Grow to Glow is developing a range of skincare products that are made using plants which can be grown or foraged in the UK. We are passionate about the properties of plants and the use of effective natural ingredients. Our products are fresh and handmade by us. Our favourite and most magical product, Comfrey Ointment, is a fantastic healing balm to use on rough skin, gardener's hands, bumps, nicks and scrapes. If you bought a pot of Yarrow Botanical Face and Body Food or a pot of Yarrow Body Butter from us this Christmas - well done you! We only had a limited number as our creams are made in small batches. If you bought one for yourself or a loved one, remember to keep it in the fridge and use within a couple of months - it's super fresh! For the latest news check out the Grow to Glow Blogspot, our Facebook page and our spanking new Instagram!

Here at Grow to Glow, we endeavour to re-imagine and re-remember the lost heroes of skincare which grow on our front door steps. These phenomenal weeds — growing on verges, scrubland, roadsides — are your skin’s secret weapons for healing and health.
By getting to know these forgotten friends in our landscape, we can reconnect to our planet, our history and work towards a better future.

We care about helping you to connect with plants through our products and our workshops. We promise to give you unbeatable transparency, because we want to enable and inspire you in your own Grow to Glow journey. We use minimal ingredients and simple processes, so that you can make products just like ours in your very own kitchen.
As promoters of the plants (cheerleaders for chickweed), we know that the plants do all the hard work and we are honoured to learn from them and work with them — and we will always pass on what we learn to you.

In this time of worrying excess, Grow to Glow wants to go back to square one: our Comfrey Ointment is made from just three ingredients, free from chemical additives and parabens clogging up your product (or your pores!).
We don’t just want our products to be environmentally sustainable, we want to work restoratively; putting energy back into the landscape. We lovingly gather our plant materials — the Kings and Queens of the hedgerows — by hand, and on foot. We are always careful to leave enough for the bees who we rely on for our local beeswax, a key ingredient in all our products.

Director of Grow to Glow, Pia Castleton is passionate about plants. Having studied Permaculture for 6 years and with a background in gardening, foraging and herbalism, Pia hopes for plant use to be further integrated into our everyday routines.
Pia is inspired by the power of plants to heal, soothe and invigorate and wishes for this plant knowledge to be spread through Grow to Glows plant based products and individuals learning through Grow to Glow kits and workshops. Pia is currently taking maternity leave. 

Coming on board in Autumn 2016, Posy Jowett is already firmly rooted in the work and values of Grow to Glow. Intrigued by ancient English wisdoms and traditions, Posy invites every Grow to Glow customer to learn about the vital roles that healing plants have played in our shared heritage. While Pia is on maternity leave, Posy will be working hard to fulfil your orders and will be designing some packaging for new products, due to be released Autumn 2018.